The teenage years of any child are fraught with many difficulties: new schools, challenging exams and puberty are just a few. However, the most difficult is appearance. Teenagers of the modern day feel oppressed by their body image and how they are seen by others. A survey of 2,000 girls for bliss magazines found 6/10 […]

In both stories Macbeth & Christmas Carol both main characters are presented in different manner which change over the course of the story. Both stories show strong feelings such as guilt, power, and persuasion in very different contexts. In the opening of the play we are told that Macbeth is a well respected man. “Hail […]

Dear Miss Samantha Taylor, I feel  I must respond to your article  and how the points made about teenagers of the modern age. It was stated that teenagers are becoming enslaved by digital devices and also that we  struggle to form “meaningful relationships” and are addicted to  not only mobile phones and social media but […]

Both poems are set in the heart of cities damaged by conflict. OTB is an anthology which tells the story from the 9/11 attacks in America. In the longer version everything starts of ordinary however the shorter version it goes straight into the terror and fear of the victims. On September 11, 2001, 19 militants […]

The use of first and second person in out of the blue is for the protagonist to have a special connection with the readers or the people he is trying to talk to. The first line in the poem “You have picked me out.” The poet directly addresses the people who are watching the building […]

The poem, Hawk Roosting talks about an arrogant self centred hawk who thinks he’s better then God. The hawk is a perfectionist in the way it kills its prey and how the Hawk is superior then God and mankind. The poet ted Hughes wants the reader to consider mans humanity of the eye of the […]

At the boarder  focus on conflict and civil war, the poem is the aftermath of a war which happened in Iraq the conflict. The poet eventually returns to her home land of Kurdistan, the poet is writing about her life as a young refugee and re creates the experience through a child s eye. The […]

1) The first stanza set the clue that Vandeveue is going to die, by the sentences the poet such as “she is alone” “left by ebbing tide of battle” these give us clues because the poet repeats that she is left alone this makes us think that maybe something bad is going to happen to […]

How has the poet presented the effects of conflict in the “Right Word” through choices of language and structure?   1)This poem is about a women who is very suspicious about a person outside her location who she thinks it’s a terrorist who is threating her safety.   2) This poet wrote this poem because […]

The teenage years are fraught with many difficulties, new school, exams and puberty however the most difficult appearance. Teenagers of the modern day feel unhappy with their bodies and how they are seen by others. A survey of 2,000 girls for bliss magazines found 6/10 girls would be much happier in life if they lost […]